नौकरी जाते ही मिली दूसरी जॉब, 50 % हाइक और वर्क फ्रॉम होम, मह‍िला ने शेयर की स्‍टोरी, जमकर तारीफ कर रहे लोग

Last year, there was a wave of recession all over the world and many companies fired thousands of employees. This year also there is no possibility of it decreasing. Not only startups and medium-sized companies, but giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon are also laying off employees for various reasons. Meanwhile, the story of a woman is becoming very viral on social media. The woman was fired from the company she was working with, but she was lucky enough to get a job offer right away. When the woman shared this, people started cheering.

Twitter user babyCourtfits shared her inspirational journey. He wrote with the Life Update hashtag, I was fired on Tuesday. On Friday I got a job officer. Not only this, I am getting 50% hike, there is also the option of work from home. This is a reminder to always back yourself up. Never let other people’s opinion of you dominate what you are and how you should be. After being kind to myself for several days, I am able to say this.

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