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Father’s Daughter’s Affair: Relationships play a very important role in our society. But because of some fallen humans, people lose faith in relationships. The relationship between father and daughter is sacred like a pilgrimage site. But some people have ruined this relationship as well. There is an incident in which a father has an affair with his own daughter and also makes a physical relationship with her. Later the man tells his wife that it was the “best sex ever”.

John Dewes didn’t spend much time with his daughter, Jenny, when she was growing up. But in 2000, when Jenny went to visit her father and his wife, Dorothy, at their home in Port Pirie, South Australia, she was 31, married and a mother of two. Father and daughter then began a torrid incestuous relationship.

Jenny admitted: “After I was there a few days I started to notice that my feelings were changing and that I was seeing him as a man, as a person, as someone Who was loving, caring. As if he was looking at me and saying ‘Oh, that’s not too bad.’

John’s ex-wife Dorothy later told the Australian Associated Press: “He told me it was the best sex he’d ever had. If that doesn’t feel remorse, I don’t know what does. This was my second marriage, and you feel like… you have a very poor opinion of yourself.” But John and Jenny don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong. “The most important thing for people to remember,” Jenny said, “is that John and I are in this relationship as consenting adults. We are not harming each other.”

The couple were forced to separate in 2008 after a court ruled that they had broken the law, both John and Jenny were convicted of two counts of incest. They had two children together, but one of them died a few days after birth due to a severe heart malformation. The other child is a daughter, who is in her teens and is not suffering any ill effects due to her parents’ close genetic relationship. The unnatural sexual attraction between father and daughter has been blamed on a phenomenon known as genetic sexual attraction (GSA).

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