पति, पत्नी और वो के साथ गजब का रिलेशनशिप, महिला खुद को मानती हैं भाग्यशाली, लोग बोले, एक को तो…

Pati Patni Aur Woh Ka Relationship: In this changing era, people freely say their words anywhere, even if it is a public platform. People do not mind sharing any kind of things. Then even if it is a matter of personal relationship? People now openly keep their words. Similarly, a woman tells about the relationship between her husband and her lover on social media. In this regard, he has also shared a video on social media, which is becoming increasingly viral. Trolling is also being done regarding this, but the woman does not mind it.

A female user @middlespoonpodcast posted videos about her Thrall on TikTok and Instagram, answering questions from her followers about her open relationship. He faced many criticisms in a Tiktok uploaded this week. She notes in a video, “Being in a triple relationship as a wife with two men who don’t currently have other partners… you… gotta hate!” This has been viewed 171,400 times so far.

Sara captioned the clip, ‘Apparently I am selfish, egotistical, delusional, narcissistic and should be left that way.’ In another Tiktok she argued that she should give papers to live with her husband Ryan or her lover Ronnie. Sara reacted to this clip saying, ‘I love how everyone keeps telling me that I should leave my husband or my boyfriend.’

One user said, ‘Any guy who makes fun of another guy doesn’t really love you. If he did he wouldn’t be able to do it’ Another user said, ‘What a sinful world we live in!’ The third user expressed regret, ‘There is a lot of pity on those two poor boys.’ Another insisted, ‘I would prefer to be single for the rest of my life.’

Sara has also shared a video of her sleeping on social media. In the video clip, men are seen sleeping in their beds with duct-tape on their hands. While Sara often has to face abusive comments for this, she also gets a lot of support. One user said, ‘Living my best life.’ Another wrote, ‘You are a lucky girl.’

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