पत्तियां खाने वाले कीड़े के मल से तैयार की चाय, लॉन्च करने के लिए जुटाए लाखों रुपये, टेस्ट भी है लाजवाब!

Many strange types of food items are made in the world, knowing about which everyone gets stunned. Somewhere ant chutney is made and somewhere some food is made from animal parts, but do you know that such a tea is also made which is made from leaf-eating insects. Even if it was made from its body, it could have been adopted once, but it is made from the faeces of that insect (Tea made of insect dropping) and knowing about it you will be shocked.

According to the report of Audity Central News website, a tea named Chu-hi-cha tea has been made in Japan which is made from caterpillar droppings. The caterpillar is known as Illa in India. These creatures survive with the help of plants and eat their leaves. Japanese researcher Tsuyoshi Maruoka was studying graduate studies at the Faculty of Agriculture at Kyoto University. Then he thought of making this tea.

caterpillar droppings tea

Tea is made from the feces of the caterpillar. (Photo: Twitter/@zairolhamisam)

tea made from worm feces
According to the report, one day his senior in the university brought many caterpillars. He said that this is a kind of gift which he got from somewhere. Suyoshi did not understand what to do with them, he thought that he would feed them and later think what to do with them. Then he gave them leaves to eat and then when they passed stool, while cleaning it, the person liked its smell very much. He immediately thought of making his tea.

Preparing to launch in the market
After turning it into tea, due to the color of faeces, the tea also became beautiful in color and its fragrance also seemed like cherry blossom. The test was also amazing. Suyoshi thought that his experiment had worked. Then he decided to make tea differently. He then made a special type of tea from a combination of 20 different insects and 40 different plants. He told that the fragrance of tea and its test depends on which plant is being fed to which insect. The person has also thought of launching this tea in the market, for which he decided to do crowd funding. Till now he has earned more than 12 lakh rupees. By the way, this is not the first time that people are making tea from the feces of insects. For years, tea is being made from the feces of silkworms, which eat only tea leaves.

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