पत्नी को देख जलता था पति, पहनना चाहता था उसके कपड़े और करता था मेकअप! मौत के बाद….

A person’s sexuality tells in which gender he is born and how he will live his life, but sexuality can also change with time and people also change it according to their real nature. One such case came to light in England (England man turns woman after wife’s death) when a man became a woman after his wife’s death. He was envious of his wife, wanted to be like her, and he finally fulfilled his wish after 50 years.

According to the report of the New York Post, when the 57-year-old man was born, he was a man (Born as man change to woman) and was named Tony. But when Tony was young, he had already come to know that he was trapped in the wrong body. He liked things related to them, not women. As he liked to dress up after seeing his mother. He wanted to do makeup like her, but could not understand when to start. They secretly started wearing girls’ clothes but they were men in front of people.

Man wanted to become a woman since childhood
In the 1980s, when he was 23 years old, he met Theresa. He liked Theresa’s look, wanted to be like her and Theresa found him attractive as a man. Both got married, had children, but in the meantime Tony continued to be known as a man. Theresa had come to know that Tony wears women’s clothes but it was not known that he wanted to become a woman. Tony wanted to be like his wife, Theresa. Wanted blonde hair like him and wanted style like him.

became a woman after the death of his wife
Theresa was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2016 and died in January 2019. Tony was very sad about this, but he thought that this is the time when he should accept his truth and bring it in front of everyone. He went to the doctor in September 2019 and started the process of making himself a transgender woman. Now she is known as Cherylin Hall. She is consuming hormones due to which her masculine traits are ending. Along with this, her gender confirmation surgery is left, after which she will become a full woman. His children have adopted him in this way, however, many times he gets to see negative behavior from other people of the society. He has kept his hairstyle like his wife and gets ready in the same way.

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