पत्नी ने खोज निकाली 160 रुपए की खोई हुई ‘कीमती’ चीज़, अगले ही दिन चमकी किस्मत! करोड़पति बन गया कपल

If luck is kind, anything can happen in the very next moment. You can get such a profit while sitting, which is not even thought, the same happened with an elderly couple. His luck was such that after becoming a grandfather, he became wealthy. So, soon being free from all the responsibilities, he started planning to live the life ahead with luxury. All this happened because of a lottery.

Due to the hard work of the wife of a person living in Carolina, America, he became a millionaire. The man forgot to buy a lottery ticket for ₹ 160 and lost his sweat to find it, but the very next moment that ticket was found in his wife’s purse and both of them won a lottery worth 8 crores. For which the man thanked his wife.

The wife discovered the ticket and the couple became wealthy.
The person had bought the lottery but forgot to keep it somewhere. After which his condition worsened after searching. But when he asked his wife for help in finding a ticket, the very next moment he got such happiness that the ground slipped under his feet. During the search, the ticket bought for ₹ 160 was found in the wife’s purse, which was kept there by the husband and then forgotten. The person breathed a sigh of relief as soon as he got the ticket. But till then even he did not know what color his fate would show in the next moment. As soon as the result of the lottery came, both of them lost their senses because they had won the amount of 8 crores. The man gave the credit of winning crores to his wife.

Missing ticket found in wife's purse

After winning the lottery of 8 crores, told himself lucky
According to the report of The Mirror, 65-year-old Terry Peace is the only person who was fond of lotteries but kept the ticket and forgot himself somewhere. But at the last moment the wife found the ticket from her purse which the husband had forgotten to keep. After finally getting the ticket, as soon as he checked his number, there was no place for happiness. Because he had won a lottery worth Rs 8 crore. Terry says that he had faith in luck, but due to the loss of the ticket, his hopes began to fade. After deducting the tax, Tehri got ₹ 5 crore, 78 lakh, from which he wants to renovate his house first and wants to spend his future life comfortably with his wife by saving some money for his grandchildren.

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