परिवार के सदस्य की मौत पर जश्न मनाते हैं लोग, शव को भी नचाते हैं अपने साथ, अजीबोगरीब है ये परंपरा!

Dancing with Dead Corpse: The world is very big and different types of customs (Amazing Traditions of Countries) are followed in different countries. Some of these traditions are very strange. Even in today’s era, some tribes follow such traditions. One such creepy custom is in Madagascar, where people dance and sing with the bodies of dead people.

There are some such traditions on this earth, you will be shocked to hear about them, but where they are performed, it is absolutely normal for them. For example, there is a place where people dig up dead bodies to hold a party and then put them back in the grave. You may find it strange to hear, but this is a common thing for the people of Madagascar.

Celebration begins as soon as death occurs
By the way, when a person dies, there is sorrow and mourning in the family, but there is also a place where people start dancing and singing after someone’s death. Not only this, they also include the dead body in this celebration. When someone dies, the family members start singing and dancing with the dead body. It is not that the dead body is not cremated, after partying they are buried with respect in the grave. Although this process does not end here, the ritual of singing and dancing is followed by taking the dead body out of the grave again and again.

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In Madagascar, people sing and dance with the dead bodies. (Credit-Shutterstock)

Why are dead bodies removed?
This process is known in Madagascar as Famadihana, which means skeletonization. People believe that the sooner the dead body turns into a skeleton, the sooner it will get salvation and a new life. It is believed that as long as there is flesh on the body of the deceased, the soul cannot assume another body. In such a situation, the dead body is repeatedly taken out of the grave and danced with it. After partying, they are buried back and this tradition is performed every seventh year after death.

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