पहली बार मेट्रो में बैठा शख्‍स, पूजा के लिए अगरबत्‍ती-नार‍ियल भी साथ लाया, वीडियो देखकर आपका भी भर आएगा दिल

There is a tradition here that when we do any new work, it starts with worship. Not only this, there is tremendous enthusiasm about the new thing. Many times even when we go to visit a new place, there remains a curiosity as to what is new and how much it feels like. Touching this feeling, a video is going viral on social media which will make you happy.

Brought the items of worship along
In this video shared by @kanutsharma account on Twitter, it is seen that a person travels in the metro for the first time. When he is questioned, he tells that for the first time in his life he is sitting in a train. That’s why he has brought the items of worship along with him. The person also takes out a coconut and a packet of incense sticks from his bag for worship. It is said that I was going to do auspicious work, so I brought it along. A woman is also traveling with him, which confirms that this person never actually traveled by train. The person says that I am feeling very good that I got to sit in the train for the first time. He also tells his problem. Says that I did not know how to come inside. I have brought all this for the prayers of Metro.

Will go to the temple and worship
When he is asked where will you go after getting down, he says that there is Sai Baba temple next to it. I will bow there because very well I boarded the train for the first time and traveled in a wonderful way. God bless that we keep traveling in such a train. May the name of India be bright. The country kept moving forward.

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