पहले महिलाओं से किया रेप, फिर प्राइवेट पार्ट बदलवा बन गई औरत, कोर्ट में टुकुर-टुकुर देखते रह गए जज!

After committing the crime, the criminal keeps on adopting different methods to escape. But it is said that the hands of the law are long. They reach their collar. One such case came to the fore in Scotland. A rapist raped two women and later changed her private parts and became a woman. Even the judge was surprised when she appeared in the court. The judge also kept looking at it piece by piece.

Police said that Adam Graham of Scotland is accused of raping two women. In the year 2016, he raped a woman for the first time. Both met on a dating app. Later, by calling in a flat, Adam did the wrong thing. Then in 2019 also he made a woman a victim. By the time the police arrested him, he was a man and had Mike Tyson style tattoos on his face. Later he was released on bail.

was completely changed later
Later, when the police caught him, he was completely changed. He had changed his private parts and had become Isla Bryson from Adam Graham. When he was presented in the Glasgow High Court, even the judge was surprised. He also kept looking at the pieces. Now it was not understood how to prosecute it. He had committed the crimes as a man and later became a woman.

sent to women’s jail
After consideration, the jury members got her gender tested and when it was confirmed that she was a woman, they decided to send her to a women’s prison. Presently she is kept in a separate ward in the women’s jail. Because there is a fear that by going among other women, he might misbehave with them too.

This is the problem in passing judgment
The biggest crisis for the court is what will be the basis of the case. Defense lawyer Edward Targowski told the court that if she was judged to be a woman, it would be difficult and it would take a long time to prove how it was done. The Scottish court cannot punish a person who is a woman in the case of rape. Because there is no such law there. In this way we cannot provide justice to the victims.

biggest concern
Lawmakers in Scotland are concerned that in this way anyone can change gender and reach changing rooms, prisons and women’s hostels and can harass women. This would be injustice to women.

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