पाकिस्तान से भारत आने का 76 साल पहले का रेल टिकट वायरल, 9 लोगों का किराया मात्र इतने रुपये

Railway Ticket Viral: It has often been seen that many people love to collect old things. If there is any antique thing in these collections, then they keep it even better. There have been ups and downs in socio-economic development around the world with many historical changes. Some people cherish these changes and experiences as souvenirs. It can be a piece of paper or even a precious stone. It has such importance, which cannot be expressed in words. People keep these things very carefully. One such old ticket to come to India from Pakistan at the time of independence is going viral on social media.

In 1947 a ticket for nine people between Rawalpindi and Amritsar was only Rs 36 and 9 annas. The picture of the ticket was posted on a Facebook page called “Pak Rail Lovers”. The viral post reads, “In the photo of a train ticket issued on 17-09-1947 after independence, for 9 people, the cost of traveling from Rawalpindi to Amritsar is Rs 36 and 9 annas. Perhaps a family moved to India. This post caught the attention of many people. Many saw it as a relic of the past and the post was flooded with their opinions and questions.

One person said, ‘It is a very good collection, now it has become antique.’ Another said, “It is not a piece of paper. Please get it laminated. It is just like gold. I even found a cash memo of the Usha swing machine my father had bought in 1949.” A third user wrote, “Good. Strong Carbon Copy. Did not fade even after keeping for 75 years. Old is gold…”

Meanwhile, some pointed out that the ticket was too expensive for its time. One user said, “36 rupees and 9 annas was a huge amount at that time.” Another user wrote, “Rs 4 per person, it was very expensive as daily wages at that time were around 15 paise for a day, how can go from Rawalpindi to Amritsar (sic).” Well, what do you think about this piece of history?

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