पानी के दैत्य ने किया हमला, पूरी ताकत से दबोच ली नाक, फिर हिम्मती भैंस ने यूं दिखाई मगरमच्छ को औकात!

Wildlife Viral Video: There is no dearth of content on social media and hundreds of videos are seen everyday. Although hardly anyone stays on every video, but there are some videos that surprise the viewers. One such video is currently going viral, in which a life and death fight is being seen between a crocodile and a buffalo in the jungle. Every moment of this video is very exciting.

Crocodile is also called water monster because it is the king of pond and river in the same way as lion rules in the jungle. If any of the animals coming in the water gets caught by it, its death is almost certain. In the video going viral, the buffalo was drinking water with its herd when the water giant crocodile grabbed its nose in its jaws. Although the buffalo would have become an easy prey for him, but a different scene appeared here.

Crocodile grabs buffalo’s nose
It can be seen in the video that a herd of buffaloes is drinking water in the pond. Meanwhile, suddenly a crocodile comes out of the water and grabs the nose of one of the buffaloes. Then begins the struggle of life and death. While the crocodile pulls the buffalo under the water with all its might, the buffalo also does not lose courage and despite being in pain, she pulls the crocodile out of the water with all her might. The crocodile keeps hold of him even outside the water for some time, but finally he has to accept defeat in front of the courage of the buffalo.

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If you have such friends then there is no need of enemies!
The video has been shared from a YouTube channel named Latest Sightings. This was captured on camera by Dr. Mark DeBerardini of Petaluma Orthodontics, South Africa during his visit to the Sabi Reserve. The video has been watched by 4.1 million i.e. more than 41 lakh people within 5 days. The people who commented on this raised questions on the herd of buffaloes. Users say that a crocodile could have been overwhelmed by the herd but the buffaloes left their companions to die alone.

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