पापा के हाथों में सौंपे गए बच्चे, कभी बर्फ में लुढ़के तो कभी सड़क पर फैल गए, मज़ेदार है Viral Video

Funny Video of Father and Children: There is no other parent more reliable for children than their parents. That’s why children are safe in the lap of their parents by closing their eyes. You must have seen the mother paying attention to the smallest thing for the safety of the children, but when this responsibility comes in the hands of the father, then what a scene it is, a video related to it is currently going viral on social media.

It is said that no one can take care of children better than a mother. Many times there is a debate about this matter, but today we will show you such camera footage, after which you yourself decide whether mother or father is better in this work. Lakhs of people have seen this video and they have found it very funny. No matter how perfect mother is in her work, father’s style is father’s only.

Thrown somewhere in the snow and dragged somewhere
In the video going viral, it is shown that when the responsibility of the children is on the father, how he handles them. At one place in the video, 3-4 fathers are tossing the children together. In another footage, they drop the child straight down in the snow and then pick it up. At one place, they are dragging a sleeping child with the help of a jacket. It was less that a child makes his father’s mouth a jumping place. Although there is a lot of risk in it, but the footage is quite funny. You must also see them.

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