पीरियड्स में यहां जानवरों जैसी हो जाती है लड़कियों की लाइफ, घर से बाहर निकलना अपराध; जानकर चौंक जाएंगे!

Different types of traditions, restrictions and superstitions have always been going on around the world. Most of which are hellish for women. Leave aside worship and devotion, even periods have their roots in different superstitions all over the world. During this, various restrictions are imposed on women, many works are also seen in association with superstition, while this time is very natural and scientific. Today we will tell you how restrictions and superstitions have spread in our neighboring country Nepal regarding periods?

Getting periods is natural and common, but many superstitions and restrictions have been implemented for years regarding this. In Nepal, during this time the life of women becomes like hell, Chaupadi practice is implemented on them. In which women can neither come inside the house nor touch anyone when the period comes. Touching trees and plants is also forbidden.

strange superstitions related to periods
By the way, in India too, there are many restrictions on women during periods like washing hair after 3 days, not going to kitchen, not touching pickles, staying away from men. People have been hearing and seeing all of these since forever. But some people do not apply it in their life now. But even today there are very strict rules and practices regarding periods in Nepal. Which the women there have to accept. Which they also associate with superstition. In Nepal, the rule applied to women during this period is called ‘Chaupadi Pratha’. In which they are separated from the family.

strange rule regarding periods

Sau.canva: Women used to live in huts outside the house when period came in Chowpadi practice, now laws have to be made

What is Chowpadi tradition?
Under this rule, during periods, the girl or woman has to stay in a hut or wooden enclosure built outside instead of inside the house. The peak of superstition is that the people there believe that if a woman stays with her family members during periods, then their luck gets angry with them and a mountain of trouble can break on them. Moreover, it is also believed that if a woman touches a plant during this time, it will dry up quickly. There is also a ban on going to the temple and worshiping. However, these restrictions apply in many places. During the Chaupadi tradition, it is completely prohibited for a woman to meet or face any man. The people there believe that this is a curse of Lord Indra on women, so they will have to remain isolated. Although this practice was banned in 2005. Under which harassing women during periods can lead to three months in jail and a fine of 3000 Nepalese rupees.

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