पीली क्यों होती है स्कूल बस? भारत ही नहीं, दुनिया के कई देशों में होता है ये रंग! विज्ञान से जुड़ा है जवाब

You must have seen many vehicles walking on the road, which would be of different colors, but the color of the school bus would always be the same, that is yellow. Have you ever wondered why the color of the school bus is yellow, not red or blue? (Why Are School Buses Yellow?) Behind this you can say that the color (Why color of school bus yellow) would seem attractive, maybe because it is so, but no, the answer to this question is related to science. But before knowing this answer, know whose idea was to make the bus yellow.

According to the report of the ‘How Stuff Works’ website, the yellowing of school buses (Why school bus color is yellow) started from America. Frank Cyr, a professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College, began researching the nation’s school transportation vehicles in the 1930s. He told in an interview to the New York Times that till then there were no specific standards under which the design of school vehicles, especially buses, should be decided. He called a special meeting for the safety of American school children, in which prominent teachers, transportation officials, bus manufacturers, etc. from all over the country participated.

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The school bus is yellow, there is a special reason behind it. (Representational photo: Canva)

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Together they decided what the color of the bus would be. He pasted colors on the wall of the conference room and asked people to choose. Everyone together chose yellow-orange colour. Yellow was the dominant color in this and since then yellow has become the dominant color of school buses. Everyone chose the yellow color because the same color was coming in most of the eyes. Since then the practice of yellow colored buses started because they were more secure.

yellow color is easy on the eyes
Later, scientists also justified their choice because according to them yellow color is easily visible to the human eye. It is at the top of the visibility spectrum. The reason for this is that there are photoreceptor cells in human eyes which are called cones. There are three types of cones in the eyes which are made to detect red, green and blue colours. Yellow light affects both red and green cells at once, due to which it is more visible to the eyes.

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