पुरुषों से पिटने की भीख मांगती हैं औरतें, फिर शान से दिखाती हैं चोट के निशान! अजीब है परंपरा…

Women Begs Men for Beating: Weird traditions around the world still exist in different parts of the world. Where we are preparing to settle on the moon, even in this era, these people do bloodshed for marriage, and sometimes even drink the blood of animals to prove their masculinity. Today we will tell you about one such African tribe, where women are badly beaten, yet they consider it as their pride.

Ukuli Tula is one of the strange traditions performed among the people of Hammer Tribe. Under this practice, on reaching the age of marriage, boys and girls have to give proof of this. While the men have to jump over the cows and bullocks to cross them, the women are beaten up. Just as boys who fail to tame animals do not get married, women who are badly flogged cannot moan in pain. Let’s know a little more about this strange custom.

begging to be beaten
A disguised group called Maja comes to kill the girls who are invited for marriage. They start beating the girls present there with whips and sticks. During this, they are not allowed to moan or run away from pain. Interestingly, this beating is linked to love between men and women, in such a situation, women tolerate this beating. The girls who are not beaten up, they beg and even plead to be beaten up. In the whole process, the woman who gets hit the most and tolerates it, is married to the youngest boy.

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The boy who wants to get married, he and his family have to follow this tradition. (Hint pic. Credits-Canva)

Beating continues even after marriage
If you are thinking that there is happiness in life after so much beating, then you are wrong. Till the women do not give birth to 2 children, the thrashing continues in the name of tradition. The funny thing is that without giving any reason men beat them and they don’t say anything. The scars of beatings on his back are a matter of pride for him. They consider it a sign of beauty and love. In these tribes men are also allowed to remarry and the process remains the same there too. Perhaps this is the reason why the women of Hammer Tribe are considered very strong.

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