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Chef Releases Cockroaches into Kitchen of Pub: Anger kills both a person’s intelligence and conscience, you must have heard about this. However, a chef in Britain did not control his anger, due to which he himself suffered a big loss. This interesting incident has happened in Britain, which is once again enough to make people understand how important it is to handle anger on time.

A chef named Tony Williams had an argument with his boss, after which he quit his job, but after that he brought some poisonous cockroaches and left them in the pub’s kitchen, which caused a lot of damage. The incident took place at the Royal William pub, where the chef got angry over not getting unpaid leave money and ended up leaving cockroaches in the kitchen.

The dispute over money reached the cockroach
A chef working at the Royal William pub in Lincoln had an argument with his boss over unpaid holiday pay. After the debate escalated, a chef named Tony Williams quit his job, but did a strange act. Two days after the fight, he brought 20 poisonous cockroaches with him and left them in the pub’s kitchen. He had given such threats earlier also, in such a situation it did not take long for people to know that this was his work. Then this incident was also recorded in the CCTV camera.

chef had to go to jail
The 25-year-old chef had to go to court because of his act. As soon as the pub staff came to know about the cockroaches, pest control was immediately informed. The cockroaches he left in the kitchen were brought from outside and are usually used as food for snakes. The pub has suffered a loss of more than 22 lakhs in this whole incident. When the matter reached the court, the chef was instead sentenced to 17 months in jail.

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