प्रेमी ने किया ब्रेकअप, तो 11 दिन में 1000 मैसेज कर गई लड़की, तंग होकर कोर्ट पहुंच गया लड़का!

Ex Girlfriend Sends 100 Texts in a Day: Whenever a boy and a girl are in a relationship, they like everything about each other. They like each other’s company so much that they want to stay together all day. However, if this relationship breaks due to some reason, then sometimes both of them go into a bad shock. The same happened with a girl and due to not being able to tolerate the pain of breakup, she could not control herself.

When the boy broke his relationship with the girl, he could not tolerate this shock. She used to send calls and messages to him 100-150 times in a day (Woman sends over 1000 texts to boyfriend after break up), while she did not get a single reply. The boy’s name is Ryan and the girl’s name is Michelle. After a fight between them, such a situation came that Ryan broke up with Michelle. However, the real drama started after this.

The boy broke the relationship, the girl went mad
A girl named Michelle Felton tried to contact her ex-boyfriend Ryan Hurley after they broke up. Till now the matter was fine, but Michelle’s love turned into stubbornness and she used to send 100-150 messages a day to Ryan requesting him not to break the relationship. She kept asking him why Ryan broke up, why he didn’t speak to her or when would they meet again? When she didn’t get any response from Ryan, she accused her ex-boyfriend of cheating on the driving test. Although the boy did not talk even after this, but the matter definitely reached the court. Michelle’s ex-boyfriend took the help of the police when gifts started being found outside his house. She accused Michelle of being controlling throughout their 21-month relationship.

Judge ordered to stay away for a year and a half
Their relationship started in May 2020 and they broke up in February 2022. During a fight, Michelle’s finger was broken by Ryan and after that both of them had a breakup. Between February 15 and February 26, Michel made 1000 messages and calls to her. There was no threat in this, but Ryan was fed up with them and he started thinking about suicide. After the case went to court, Michelle accepted her mistake and the judge asked her to stay away from Ryan for 18 months. Apart from this, he has also been asked to pay a fine of 5000 and 39000 to Ryan. She will also take part in rehabilitation activity for 30 days.

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