प्लेन क्रैश से पहले एयरहोस्टेस ने फ्लाइट में बनाया था ये वीडियो, पिता के मना करने पर भी बनी थी उड़ान का हिस्सा

Some incidents happen that make the heart tremble. Some incidents are such that they may or may not happen to you but give a lot of pain. Brings tears in the eyes. Such incidents are never to be forgotten. Like- Nepal plane crash happened recently. The incident has shocked everyone. Many videos related to this plane crash are going viral, some of which are earlier, some are after and some were captured in mobile during the incident.

The incident of Nepal plane crash has shocked everyone. Since the incident, many such videos are also going viral which are showing horrifying pictures just before, during or after the incident. The video of the air hostess of the same flight is also going viral on Twitter @DeepAhlawt in which she showed more inside the flight just before the flight.

The air hostess was seen smiling before the plane crash
When the flight of Nepal’s Yeti airline crashed on Sunday, this incident shocked the whole world. Just before this incident, a tick talk video was made in the air hostess aboard it. Which was seen a lot on social media. In it, she was showing the inside view of the flight and was dancing to some light music. People are unable to forget the smile on his face. But the very next moment an accident happened which took away his smile forever. The name of the air hostess was told as Oshin Ale Magar. Who was 24 years old and married. She started her job with Yeti Airline 2 years ago and recently shifted to Kathmandu with her family.

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