फौज में भर्ती के लिए यहां औरतों का होता था वर्जिनिटी टेस्ट! फेल होने पर ऐसे मिलती थी सजा; जानें क्या था कारण

In today’s time, women are not less than men in any respect. They walk shoulder to shoulder and in many cases are doing better than men. Despite that, there are many countries that underestimate women and have made such rules and laws towards them, which show them small as well as being humiliating. A similar rule was also there in an Asian country where women had to give virginity test to join the army. But now this rule has been banned.

We are talking about Indonesia. This is a Muslim country, so there are many restrictions on women here. But the most surprising rule was that of recruitment in the army, which had been bugging the women rights activists of Indonesia for a long time. This rule was also criticized all over the world. Actually, earlier in Indonesia it was a rule that if a woman wanted to join the army, she would have to undergo a virginity test.

What is virginity test?
This test is also called Two Finger Test. Under this, by putting two fingers in the private part of women, they check whether she is a virgin or has ever made physical relations. Under this test, the presence of hymen of women was actually examined. There is a thin layer inside the hymen private part, but it gets destroyed by playing sports or exercising in childhood. In such a situation, the doctors also say that by examining the hymen, it is not known whether the woman has ever had physical relations or not. In this context, this test was completely useless and useless. It was more humiliating for women than this.

This is the reason why virginity test was done
Women whose hymens were not detected were not only thrown out of the recruitment process as a punishment, but they also had the right to join the Navy, Army or any security force. The government here believed that the virginity test is checking the morality of women. Doctors and women’s rights activists opposed it for a long time in Indonesia because this test does not prove anything. It was completely abolished in the year 2021 and this decision was well received here.

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