बच्चों को डराकर पैसे कमाता है शख्स, ‘बैड अंकल’ के नाम से है फेमस! संतानों से परेशान पैरेंट्स करते हैं संपर्क

Indian parents do say a thing or two to scare their kids. Firstly, if they do mischief, then dirty uncles will come who will take them away, or else a jholi baba will come who will carry them in his pocket. Irrespective of the era, this tactic to reform the evil children is years old and is effective even today. Many a times, by showing fear of any member of the family, the parents get the children to do whatever they want. But a person in China does the work of scaring not only the family but also the children of unknown people (Man scare kids to earn money) in this way and also charges money for it.

According to the November 2020 report of the Audity Central News website, Lishui city is in Zhejiang province of China (Chinese man scare kids). 30-year-old Luo Qingjun lives here. Although he is a simple person, but people in his province know him by the name of Bad Uncle profession. The reason for this is their peculiar services. Actually, Luo does the work of scaring children.

Man earns money by scaring children
You would think that this is a joke, but it is not so at all. Luo also takes money for this strange service. Often parents complain that their child does not listen to them, misbehaves, throws things here and there, does not eat properly. In such a situation, they cannot kill the children too much. Creating fear is the only way so that they learn a lesson. Luo just do the work of creating this fear.

Got the idea of ​​doing this work from a friend
Luo told that first of all a friend of his asked him to make a video and send it so that he could scare his child by showing it. Luo did this and the child really got better. Since then his friend told other friends to contact Luo and gradually Luo became Bad Uncle. He makes scary and strange faces in his videos, seeing which children of 5 or less get scared. Luo scares children for things like throwing garbage in the right place, doing homework on time, not sleeping without eating food…. This method may be effective, but child psychologists say that it is not right to scare children in this way, because a bad image will be created in their mind for life.

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