बिजनेसमैन हर्ष गोयनका ने शेयर किया जॉब एड, चकराया लोगों का माथा, जान‍िए क्‍या था एड में

Firstly, finding a job is a very difficult task. Creating resume and finding out where the opening is is no less than a crooked pudding. Sometimes it becomes easy if you get the number of HR people, but if you are thinking of applying for the job of this math teacher, then your problem is going to increase further.

Actually, Harsh Goenka has tweeted a job advertisement of a school. In this opening has been told for Math teacher. Everything is fine but you may have to roll papad to get the number of HR or school people. Because this job has been prepared from a unique formula of Aid Math. In this formula, the number of those people of the school is hidden, who will have to be contacted for the job.

Ad of a school in Gujarat
People are liking the creativity of this job ad but it is troubling them a lot. Harsh Goenka also shared this and wrote just this, look at the ad. It is written first – Job Opportunity, Math Teacher Wanted, after this there is a line of heavy formulas. And next to that it is written that call. That is, if you have to apply for this post, then you must first solve this long question. This job ad is being told about Bhaktashram School located in Navsari, Gujarat.

people running calculators
Since the picture was shared, people are liking it a lot. So far, about six thousand people have liked it and more than five hundred people have commented. Funny feedback is also being received on this. One user wrote, saving time. Solve the question and directly get the job of math teacher. One person even told by running a calculator that the correct answer would be 9429263811. One person wrote, the answer would be 9428163811 sir. I solved it manually. No calculator, no help, no check, nothing else. In very short span of time. I should get the prize money only.

First put the formula to know the age
Let me tell you, even before this, Harsh Goenka has been tweeting like this. A few days back, he had shared a maths formula, solving which you get a funny answer. Harsh Goenka wrote in the post, Formula of Mathematics. 259 x 39 x your age=? You will get funny answers. Try it. If you multiply 259 by 39 and multiply it by your age, you will get such an answer, seeing which you will also get confused. Many people had also tried it and had also given answers to them.

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