बिना पांव के ही दौड़ गया शख्स, हौसले से जीती रेस, बना डाला वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड!

You must have heard this line many times, ‘Those who try never lose’. But the true meaning of these lines has been proved by the person with whom the above had done dishonesty. The person who is being talked about here has set a world record in running. But where every racer achieves success by running with his feet. At the same time, this person ran without feet in such a way that he created history.

Guinness World Records shared a video on its official Twitter account, in which there was mention of a person who runs with hands instead of feet. Yes, America’s Zion Clark ran without legs in such a way that he got his name registered in the Guinness World Record. Zion has no legs since childhood. He surprised by running on the strength of his hands. Zion has created this record on the strength of his courage and enthusiasm. Once you watch his video, you will start considering every obstacle in life as difficult and small.

made world record by running with hands
Zion has no legs. He remained without legs since childhood. Not only this, the entire part below his waist is missing. He had this problem before birth. In fact, Zion is suffering from a disease that hinders the development of the body. Whose name is Caudal Regressive Syndrome. But even after such a big trick of God, Zion neither lost courage nor let his courage break. Rather, make your weakness your strength and then be a part of that race, which even those who can run with both feet cannot win. Zion ran with his hands on the strength of his courage and managed to register his name in the Guinness World Records.

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