ब्रेस्ट मिल्क से गहने बनाती है औरत, अब करने लगी ऐसी चीज का उपयोग जिसे जानकर हो जाएंगे दंग! लोग करने लगे ट्रोल

The business of jewelry designing is also very flourishing because not only women, men also wear different types of jewelry. Like India, it is common for men to wear jewelry in many other countries as well. You must have seen jewelry made of gold-silver, diamond-pearl, but a jewelry designer living in Canada uses such strange things to make jewelry that you will be stunned to know. She has been in discussion for a long time and people troll her design because she makes jewelry out of breast milk jewellery.

According to the report of the Audi News website, last year a Canadian woman (Canada woman breast milk jewellery) came into the limelight when she told that she makes special ornaments for people which are made of precious stones etc. There are also some substances that come out of the body. The woman surprised everyone by telling that she makes jewelry by adding breast milk.

Designer made jewelry from breast milk
Amanda Booth, a 33-year-old Toronto-based designer, started this business named Trinkets by Amanda in March 2021. She was going through some personal problems about which she did not tell. He was very happy by doing this work. Her first order was from a friend whose son had died and she wanted his ashes to be made into Amanda jewellery. After this, a woman requested him to design jewelry for her using her breast milk.

use of quirks
Amanda did this and then posted her video on the social media site Tiktok. After that it started going viral fast. After this, many orders started coming to him for designing such ornaments. She started designing hundreds of ornaments in a month. Gradually, they also started making jewelry out of hair, fur, umbilical cord, and placenta. Recently someone demanded her to make jewelery from semen and in this way she started making Jizzy Jewellery. However, people also trolled on the design of this jewelry.

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