भाई-बहन की तरह कैसे मिलने लगता है पति-पत्नी का चेहरा? एक जैसे दिखने के पीछे है कारण, रिसर्च में सुलझी गुत्थी

It is common for the faces of parents and children to meet each other, the faces of siblings also meet each other to a great extent and only by seeing them, people tell that they are brothers and sisters. Many times the faces of some other relatives also match so much with other members of their family that it can easily be said that they are related to each other. But have you ever seen that the face of husband and wife (Why husband-wife look alike) also match each other. Many times it is seen that the faces of both of them become so similar that people mistake them as brothers and sisters. But the question arises that how does this happen?

There is no blood relation between husband and wife, yet they look similar to each other. Many times in weddings people see the bride and groom and say that their faces are meeting each other. This is not just a coincidence, there are some reasons behind it which have been revealed through a research. According to the report of the Bride Side website, there are many reasons behind getting faces. The most important reason is that whenever a person chooses his partner, knowingly or unknowingly he chooses only such a person who is similar to his parents. He quickly connects with such people as partners (Partner face look same after years) whose hair, eye colour, height, voice etc match with their parents.

why couple faces look same

Often the face of the couple starts meeting each other a lot. (Representational photo: Canva)

This happens because of living in the same environment.
In a research conducted in 1987, it was also found that couples live in the same environment, environment, face the same situation, share joys and sorrows, worries together, eat the same food, then their body language and The facial expressions also become similar. The brain of both starts copying each other’s expression and the reactions to different situations also become similar, due to which the face starts matching. Scientists have also found that wrinkles on the face of many couples also start falling in the same way.

Couples choose a partner with a face similar to theirs
The research we are referring to was done at Stanford University where scientists took photos of couples before and after 25 years of marriage and then compared their faces. There were pictures of more than 500 couples in the research. It was also told in the research that couples are often attracted towards partners with similar faces. This is called assortative mating. Not only this, the immune system of couples also becomes similar. This is the reason that the likes and dislikes and lifestyle of the partners also become very similar.

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