महिला कर्मी को ‘मोटी’ कहा तो बॉस के लिए खड़ी हुई मुसीबत, मिली चौंकाने वाली सज़ा; अब मुंह पर लगा लेगा ताला!

Objectionable actions and statements against women are considered wrong everywhere. Then that comment may be racist, physical or related to mental harassment. Against all these there are provisions of strict punishment in many countries. Such cases are not just domestic. Many times women have to face sharp remarks even at the workplace. But for fear of losing their jobs, women are afraid and refrain from raising their voice against it. But when a woman raised her voice leaving behind the fear, the boss accepted it only after getting severe punishment.

When the boss of a private company insulted a female employee by calling her fat, the woman got upset about this and considering it as her disobedience, she reached the court. After which the court gave justice to the employee and gave strict punishment to the boss and ordered to pay a fine of 19 lakhs. Fearing which the boss ran away. The case is of Scotland.

Boss gets trapped by calling woman ‘fat’
The matter came to light when the boss called the female employee fat on some matter in the office. It was to be heard that the woman felt humiliated and immediately left the office and went out. She remained calm for some time, but then consulted her friends and colleagues about this and also sought their opinion. Then leaving the fear of job, she approached the court against the boss and justice came in favor of the woman. But as soon as the boss came to know that the case against him is in the court, he immediately ran away from the country.

Women abuse at workplace

Sou.canva: The court sentenced the boss to a fine of 19 lakhs for calling the woman ‘fat’

Compensation not yet received even after court order
After the opinion of friends, when the woman went to the court, the court held the boss guilty on the basis of the evidence presented by the female employee and ordered a fine of 19 lakhs against her. Although the boss had already left the country and fled to Pakistan. But this money has to be paid either by the boss who insults the employee or by the company itself. Let me tell you that this matter is some time old. But again it came to light because it came to know that the woman has not received compensation till now.

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