महिला को ब्रेस्ट कैंसर, तो शादी के 2 महीने बाद ही फरार हुआ पति; अब इस नेक काम के लिए बेच रही शादी के कपड़े!

Relation of husband and wife: In social life, the wife is considered half of the husband, that is, Ardhangini. And it is also believed that till the last breath the husband does not leave his wife, no matter what trouble comes. But now the meaning of these things has started changing. There is one such incident in which the husband leaves his wife after she is diagnosed with cancer. This incident is from Mexico, where a Mexican model is abandoned by her fiance after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Lucero Vega, 24, has not revealed the name of her heartless husband-to-be, who reportedly ended their long relationship two months after being diagnosed with the dreaded disease. “Initially I felt an emptiness because I saw a family with him,” Vega told Need to Know Dot Online. The brown-eyed beauty, who has lost her hair since starting chemotherapy. He said that his partner was initially shocked after hearing the news of cancer but after that supported him.

She said, “I agreed to be pregnant for him because he really wanted a family by his side.” But before we both became husband and wife, his mind changed. Vega learned that at the time of the breakup, it was discovered that her father had skin cancer. The model was forced to start cancer treatment on her own and has been battling chemotherapy sessions with a broken heart.

On December 23, Vega completed her eighth and final round of chemotherapy, but her health battle is far from over. He still has to undergo surgery and radiotherapy, which will set him back a lot of money. To raise money for the expensive treatments, Vega decides to hold a raffle, which will include auctioning off the bridesmaid dress she plans to wear on her wedding day.

There are 500 raffle tickets for this, each priced at 500 Mexican pesos ($26 USD) i.e. Rs 2141.95. Vega is also auctioning off a 2001 VW Golf, with 350 raffle tickets available for the same price. He said, “People have to understand that with cancer, it is a very long process.” I will be taking treatment for this disease for about five years.

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