महिला ने भूत से की शादी, फिर पति के ‘ड्रामे’ से हुई तंग, बोली- घर में टिकते ही नहीं है पैर !

Unique Marriage and Problems: It is easy to get married but it is difficult to maintain this relationship happily. Many times two people neither understand this relationship nor are they able to maintain it. Think when people with intelligence and conscience get entangled in the complexity of the relationship, then how will the ghosts and spirits be able to maintain this relationship? We are raising this question because a singer recently married a ghost and now she is complaining that her husband does not understand his responsibility.

A singer named Brocarde is married to a ghost named Eduardo. Now the wife’s complaint is that the drama of her husband’s movement is becoming too much. In such a situation, to save the marriage (Woman Married With Ghost), she has started taking the advice of psychics. The marriage of Brocardo, who is a singer and song writer by profession, was in great discussion and now the relationship getting spoiled in a few months is also making headlines.

Husband is a ghost, does not understand the responsibility
The ghost that Brocardo marries is named Eduardo. Brocardo says that he felt a strong connection with the ghost from the very first meeting and decided to marry her within a few months. However, now her marriage is suffering because there is no change in the behavior of the ghost. He suddenly comes to the bedroom late at night and leaves anytime. At first these things seemed fine, but still he is not able to understand that he is a married ghost and should behave like a husband. The psychic told that Brocardo’s ghostly husband wanted a pet cat, although she herself does not like cats.

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Brocarde says that before Eduardo he did not believe in ghosts at all.(Credit- Facebook/Brocarde)

There was a ruckus in the marriage of a few months.
Brocarde, 38, claims that Eduardo himself was a soldier from the Victorian era. She says that she met her ghost husband last year, when he suddenly appeared in her bedroom. After this he started appearing in his bedroom every day and he fell in love with the ghost. Brocarde says that before Eduardo he did not believe in ghosts at all, but he also married Eduardo and went on a honeymoon to Wales. They were married at the Asylum Chapel in London.

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