महिला ने मनाया ‘तलाक’ का जश्न, जितना शादी में हुआ था खर्च, उतने में रखी रिश्ता टूटने की पार्टी!

Woman Organizes Divorce Party: We must have seen most people dancing, singing and celebrating in the joy of getting married, but when someone’s relationship breaks, he goes into deep shock. Especially if the relationship is of marriage and husband and wife have spent a good amount of time together, then it becomes even more difficult for them. Some people still tolerate this shock, but there will hardly be anyone who has the courage to party after this.

You must have seen people dancing and singing in the joy of their marriage or celebrating new life with friends. Although a woman (Woman Celebrated Divorce) is making headlines at the moment because she kept a grand party in the joy of breaking the marriage and enjoyed it fiercely. The woman is from England and had kept the divorce party in Las Vegas. Not only this, he has also shared its clip on social media.

divorce celebration with friends
6 years had passed since the marriage of a woman named Rebecca. When she officially broke up with her husband, she celebrated like a wedding. She went to Las Vegas in America with 14 friends and had a lot of fun with them. In the pictures, she is seen wearing a ‘divorced babe’ tiara on her head. He enjoyed spa, bar and restaurant with friends. Rebecca, a writer by profession, told that she now wants to focus on herself because toxic relationships give pain and it is a matter of happiness to end them.

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