मह‍िला ने शेर को उसकाया, फ‍िर उसने जो हाल किया वह दर्दनाक है, जानकर आप भी रह जाएंगे दंग

It is said that one should not play with animals. And not at all when there is a ferocious lion in front of you. A Russian woman did not listen to this and her life was made. The video is from a zoo in Ussurisk, Russia. It is seen that an intoxicated woman provokes a monkey tiger inside the zoo and it harms her.

It is seen in the video that the woman plays with the lion. First she calls the tiger to her. When the tiger comes very close to her, the woman starts kicking at the fence. Tries to jump on it. At first the tiger does not understand anything, but in a short while it becomes ferocious. He attacks the woman. Tries to drag him into the enclosure. And almost kills him. Even the right hand of the woman gets chewed. The woman keeps on screaming but he does not leave.

employees somehow rescued
The people next to it run and somehow rescue the woman from the clutches of the ferocious tiger. By then the tiger has completely eaten one hand of the woman. The zoo administration said that the woman was drunk and provoked the tiger, so it attacked. The woman was alone and she had gone to the cage. Whereas it is clearly written there that do not go towards the fence.

hand eaten in just a few seconds
Zoo administration said, our employees had tried to stop the woman by shouting at the same time but she did not stop. Everything happened in seconds. Unfortunately she was too close to the enclosure and the tiger ate her hand. We immediately admitted the woman to the hospital. The administration called it very worrying and has ordered an inquiry.

don’t go if you’re drunk
Zoo administration once again urged people not to come to the zoo when they are intoxicated. Because at that time you can lose balance and if you go close to the animals then there can be an attack. The administration has also asked the children not to go near the fence as there is no trust of the lion. When to be an attacker

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