महिला ने Swiggy से ऑर्डर किया सैनेटरी पैड, साथ में मिली कुछ ऐसी चीज, देखकर हो गए शॉक  

Swiggy Instamart App Sanitary Pads: Such stories are often seen in online shopping that something is ordered and something is received or some extra things are found along with it. One such incident happened with a customer during delivery through Swiggy’s Express grocery app. People can get daily essentials within 15 minutes on Swiggy’s instant delivery app instead of going to grocery stores. Recently, a woman ordered sanitary pads from this app, but along with the order, the woman got some chocolates and cookies, which was shocking. This incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

A woman named Sameera has shared her experience on Twitter. He tweeted, “I ordered sanitary pads from @SwiggyInstamart and found chocolate cookies at the bottom of the bag. Very thoughtful! But don’t know who did it, Swiggy or the shopkeeper?” Swiggy Cares also replied to her tweet and wrote, “We wish you a wonderful day, Sameera.” Meanwhile, social media users appreciated the word of mouth, while others pointed out that Swiggy regularly gives away free gifts to its customers for promotional purposes.

A Twitter user wrote, “Instamart supplies from its own dark stores, so of course it is part of the SOP. You can thank Swiggy for that.” Another user wrote, “They keep it on purpose to please the customers and promote the product.” Many times biscuits, chocolates, wafers were received from our orders. A third wrote in the comments, “They keep it for the purpose of pleasing the customer and promoting the product. Biscuits, chocolates, wafers were found many times with our goods. Another user wrote, “No matter what, but good.”

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