‘मेरा तो सिक्योरिटी गार्ड भी पहनता है डिज़ाइनर कपड़े’, अरबपति की बीवी ने झाड़ी रईसी! नाखून भी हैं सोने के

Wealthy Woman Shows Off Galamorous Life: There is a section in the world that is working day and night to improve its future. He wants to collect money for the comforts of his life. On the other hand, there is another section, which is rich by birth. They have so much money that they themselves do not understand where to spend it. When one such woman showed a glimpse of her life to the people through social media, everyone said the same – I wish I could get even 10 percent of it, then my life would have been cut short.

The lady is the billionaire man’s wife and is decked up in designer clothes and accessories from head to toe. The interesting thing is that she does not even allow her security guard to wear common clothes. A woman named Emily herself has told this through a post on Tiktok that how she is living a glamorous life. She always cares about how she looks and spends a lot of money on self-grooming.

24 carat gold nails
According to the report of The Sun, Emily is the wife of a billionaire and is also enjoying her luxury a lot. She does various treatments to maintain her beauty from head to toe. She has spent as much on her nails as brides do in our marriages. Emily has done a manicure with 24 carat gold and she is not behind in flaunting it. She has more than one expensive bag, with which she goes out for shopping. She buys branded things and designer clothes all the time and is already training her daughter for the same.

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Emily is the wife of a billionaire and is also enjoying her luxury a lot. (Credit- TikTok)

Security guard wears designer clothes
Whenever Emily goes for shopping, her daughter is also with her. She travels in a sports car and a security guard always accompanies her. Since he has to be taken along for shopping as well, designer and expensive clothes are bought for the guard as well. People on social media are surprised to see this life. Many people have written interesting comments that they also want such a life, but paying the house rent proves to be a difficult task for them.

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