मेहमानों को देखते ही कूदने लगते हैं यहां के लोग, जीभ दिखाकर करते हैं अभिवादन, अनोखी हैं ये परंपराएं!

Weird Traditions Around The World: There are people of many cultures and societies in the world. Everyone has their own customs and way of living life. It may be that what is considered good in one culture (Weird Customs) may be considered derogatory in another. Although everyone has their own methods, which are very interesting to know and understand. You will also be surprised to know about some such strange welcome traditions.

In our country, to meet elders, they are greeted from a certain distance and or their feet are touched, but in France and Ukraine, they are welcomed with double and triple kisses. There is a country where people start dancing and jumping on seeing the guests. Whereas in one country they are shown their tongue. In our country, people will feel bad about such a tradition (weird traditions around the world)!

dancing at the sight of guests
You must have heard many strange traditions about the Masai tribal community living in Kenya. The way of welcoming their guests is also a bit different. These people start dancing on seeing the guests. A special type of Adamu dance is performed to welcome the guests. The interesting thing is that while performing this folk dance, people jump from high to high.

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People start dancing on seeing the guests.

Guests show their tongue on sight
In Tibet, one of India’s neighboring countries, people stick out their tongues after seeing the guests coming home. Brother, in our country it is called teasing the tongue, but if you go to Tibet, don’t get confused, there it is a sign of respect. This is the tradition of greeting in Tibet. Whenever people meet each other, they welcome them by showing their tongue. It is said that this tradition has been going on here since the 9th century. King Langdarma gave birth to this custom and since then it is going on.

the custom of smelling the guests
While meeting guests in Greenland, noses are rubbed together, which is called kunik. Kunik is a formal greeting. Apart from this, they also smell each other’s cheeks and hair. Not only this, in Oceania’s country Tavalu, while welcoming the guests, their fragrance is felt by going near their face. This is called sogi.

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