‘मैं बर्तन अच्छे धोता हूं, नौकरी दे दो’, 8 साल के बच्चे ने मांगी जॉब, ज़रा वजह भी जान लीजिए …

8 year old applied for dishwashing job: Although the flag is raised all over the world regarding child labor. It is a crime to send children to work at a young age, but what if the child himself reaches to ask for a job. In such a situation, people mostly help the children and also give them money and food items. Today we will tell you about such a boy, who had no shortage, but he had to do a job. Just think why?

If there is a 7-8 year old child around you or at home, then you would know that at this age children get engrossed in maths questions and subjects. But at the same age, an 8-year-old child himself went to ask for a job after seeing the vacancy. The child also told that he washes the utensils very well. In such a situation, do not go by the age and give him a job. You must also be thinking that the child must have had some or the other compulsion, but sir, these are the children of today, their mind works more than compulsion.

‘Bartan Dhoke Kama Lunga, pocket money is less’
This incident is in Kentucky, USA. Here, 8-year-old Nash Johnson, who lives in Lexington, reached there after seeing a board on a restaurant near his house. It was written on the board that a helper is needed and the work was to clean the utensils. Nash found this work worth it and he immediately reached there. Talking to WCNC, Nash said that he found it an easy way to earn money because he cleans dishes well. The boy said that he gets pocket money of Rs 408 a week, which is not enough for him. In such a situation, he wanted to earn money so that he could join play station with his friends.

child labor preparation for play
The child himself told that his compulsion was to raise money only and only for his Play Xbox. However, the problem was that he could not be given a job before 16 years. Nash’s mother told that her son knows about financial self-reliance. He keeps his saved and spending money in jars even at home. The restaurant didn’t give the kid a job, but did surprise him with an Xbox by calling him. Although the child says that he wished that he could have got it with his earnings.

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