यहां आलू-प्‍याज के भाव बिकता है काजू, झोली भरके आप भी खरीद सकेंगे, भारत में ही है यह जगह

Cashew is very beneficial for health. Everyone likes it. But in this era of inflation, it is not so easy to buy it. Because in the market you get it at the rate of 800 or 1000 rupees per kg. Rich people still buy it but it is difficult for poor and middle class people to buy it. But perhaps you would not know that the cashew sold for Rs 1000 per kg is sold at a throwaway price in one district of India. You must be surprised to know this, but in this city you will get cashew at the price of potato and onion.

You must be wondering which such city would be in India. If it was so cheap then why do we get it so expensive. Your question is valid but tell that this city is Jamtara of Jharkhand. Cashews are available here for just Rs.30 to 40 per kg. After all, what is the reason for being so cheap. So tell that thousands of tonnes of cashew nuts are produced every year in Jharkhand. Here, women will be seen selling cashews for Rs. 20 to 30 per kg on the roadside.

big gardens here
Cashew is cultivated on about 50 acres of land in Nala village of Jamtara. It is called the cashew city of Jharkhand. The cashew plantation here is not like this anywhere in Jharkhand. There are big gardens here. Where the working people sell dryfruits at a very cheap price. The farmers here do not have much facilities to do farming, but still the farmers are happy with this farming. The district administration and forest department have planned to plant about 50,000 cashew trees this year.

farming since 1990
The climate and soil here are favorable for cashew cultivation. It is around the year 1990. According to the farmers, the then deputy commissioner got the land tested with the help of agricultural scientists from Odisha and it was found that the soil here is better for cashew production. After this he started the cultivation of dry fruits. The Forest Department planted cashew nuts on a large scale. The plants became trees in no time. Cashew trees started appearing in thousands.

Farmers sell at half price
When the cashew fruit came for the first time, the villagers were overjoyed to see it. Picking cashew nuts from the garden, bringing them home, collecting them and selling them on the roadside for a quarter of the price. Since there was no processing plant in the area, it was not even possible for them to extract cashew from the fruit. When the traders of Bengal came to know about this, they started buying it in bulk. Traders earn more profit after processing, but the villagers do not get any fair price for it.

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