यहां औरतों के अंडरगार्मेंट क्यों पहन रहे हैं मर्द? सोशल मीडिया पर कर रहे हैं मॉडलिंग! जानें क्या है मामला

For the sale of any goods, it is necessary that it should be promoted well. The medium of publicity is usually newspapers, radio or TV, but in the present time social media has become a big platform on which people are campaigning. But some restrictions have also been imposed on this promotion in China, which is having a bad effect on the companies selling women’s undergarments (Men wearing women’s lingerie in China). Companies have found a strange way to deal with these restrictions. Now men are seen wearing women’s undergarments (Male models wearing lingerie).

According to the report of Audity Central News website, the live stream commerce industry in China (Lingerie wearing women ban in China) is huge. Here marketing of food, clothes, make-up etc. is done through live stream business. Means people come live on social media and tell about these products. But the government has imposed many restrictions on these live stream platforms. For example, shows that waste food have been banned. Similarly, campaigning by women wearing undergarments on live stream has also been banned.

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The government has imposed a strange ban, to avoid which men here are doing this. (Photo: Twitter/xiaojingcanxue)

Women can’t wear undergarments in live broadcast
Now, until women show off wearing undergarments, women will not be able to understand online whether that product is good or not. It is also necessary to exhibit such products, but companies cannot go against the decision of the government, otherwise they will have to face a ban. Companies have found a way to deal with this dilemma. They are now promoting the product by making men wear women’s undergarments.

There is no ban on wearing men’s undergarments
Information about this has been given by sharing a recent post on Twitter account @xiaojingcanxue. Sharing the photo of men in undergarments, it was written – “Women in China cannot wear undergarments in the live broadcast room. If he does so, his live broadcast room will be immediately banned for spreading obscenity online. Companies said that there is a ban on women wearing undergarments but not for men, because of this companies here are now making men wear undergarments.

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