यहां पत्नी को पीठ पर लादकर रेस करते हैं पति, खास पुरस्कार के लिए करते हैं इतनी मेहनत! काफी पुरानी है परंपरा

Weird traditions around the world are followed in many parts of the world. Some are associated with communities and religions, while some are started just like that, for fun, without any specific purpose behind it. Gradually these beliefs become sports and they are organized every year. One such tradition is in Finland (Wife carrying race Finland) where husbands race by carrying their wives on their backs and the winning couple gets a special prize.

According to the report of the Metro website, in the month of July last year, the World Wife Carrying World Championship was organized in Finland. According to the official site of this competition, this year this competition will be held on July 1 in Sonkajärvi town of Finland. Due to Kovid, this competition could not be held for two years, so last year, people celebrated it with great fanfare. Now the question arises that how is this competition.

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