यहां बेटी से शादी कर सकता है बाप, लेकिन गैर-मर्द से नहीं मिला सकती हाथ; हैरान कर देगा ये अजीब कानून!

Here the father can marry the daughter, but cannot shake hands with a non-man; This strange law will surprise you! Harassment against women and following the traditions going on against them are an integral part of the society and community in many countries. Somewhere it is encouraged under the law, and somewhere it is not possible to stop it even if one wants to. But there are some countries that strongly support anti-women laws and are adamant to never end them, but sometimes when the voice of protest echoes, the power also wavers, just like Iran these days in the anti-hijab protest. Withstands.

In Iran, the laws regarding the wearing of hijab by women are so strict that for opposing it, a girl named Mahsa Amini was taken into police custody, where she died. Then such a protest started which will always be remembered in the history of Iran. Demonstrations on anti hijab started all over the world. This is just a law. Iran is full of strange laws that are just anti-women. It is said that the Islamic Revolution of 1979 changed Iran and many laws were implemented that took away the freedom of women.

Shaking hands with non-men is forbidden, hijab is necessary
If women shake hands with non-men in Iran and they are seen doing so in public places, they can be fined and imprisoned. On the other hand, if we talk about Hijab, then according to the Islamic religious leaders here, no one can see the face or body of girls above 12 years of age except father, husband or brother, although voices are often raised there against this law.

Women's conflict with Azibogarib law

s.canva: Once upon a time it was forbidden to watch football matches in the stadium, even after changing the law, had to face restrictions many times

Forbidden to watch football matches in the stadium
There was a time when women in Iran could not go to the stadium and watch football matches. But the result of this law was that a football lover Sahar Khodyari committed suicide. After which Iran had to change this law. Actually, the 29-year-old city had changed the form of a man to watch the football match. But the security got suspicious and stopped him. Then it was told by the court that he may have to face a jail term of 6 months. After which, as soon as he came out of the court, Sahar sprinkled petrol and set himself on fire, he died after suffering for a week. Then the debate about the anti-women laws of the government intensified. The result was that women were allowed to watch football matches in Iran after 40 years. However, he was not allowed to enter the stadium for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Very strange rules regarding marriage
According to a news published in The Guardian, a law was passed in Iran in 2013 under which a father can marry his daughter. However, there is a change in this that the father can marry his adopted daughter. Just his age should be 13 years or more. However, there was a lot of opposition to this law as well. But now it is not known whether these laws are in force till now or any amendment has been made in it.

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