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It is not strange to have twins in the world, nor is it strange for twins to do everything together and share everything from childhood to adulthood. But in this sequence, there is a pair of twin sisters who have taken this rule of doing everything together and sharing everything a little too far and are not only in a relationship with the same person, but also in a relationship with that one person. Along with this, she has expressed a strong desire to become the mother of twins at once. Which surprised everyone.

You will be shocked to hear the story of twin sisters, in which they want to become mother of twins by having a relationship with only one person. She told the reason behind this that being a twin, she has been doing everything together since childhood, even going to the bathroom together. That’s why she wants to take it further, that’s why she wants to become a mother of twins together.

Twin sisters want twins together
Twin sisters Anna and Lucy Deikink, living in Perth, Australia, are different from every other twin sister brothers. The rest of the twins share everything in childhood and wear the same clothes together, but this one has been sharing everything till youth. According to them, they not only wear the same clothes, but also go to the bathroom and take a bath together. She even got engaged to the same man in 2012, whose name is Ben Byron and with him both the sisters want to become pregnant together and become mothers of twins.
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These twin sisters have become popular after expressing their desire to synchronize their pregnancy. Both sisters are the stars of the TLC show Extreme Sisters. Where she revealed her desire to become the mother of twins together. But perhaps she is forgetting that it is in her hands to have a relationship with the same person, but having twins together can only be a miracle of nature, not a part of her planning at all.
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The mother of twins wants to be in a relationship with only one person
On the other hand, when asked about this, Ben says that it is a difficult task. The same sisters say that we have been together in every work since childhood, so we cannot do anything without each other. So they are also sharing the bed with the same fiancee. However, after the engagement, they did not get married till now. Because polyamory law is not applicable in Australia. Under which three people can live together in a relationship.

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