ये है असली ‘लाइगर’, डील-डौल देखकर छूट जाएंगे पसीने, बेहद खौफनाक है Video

Wildlife viral video of liger: Various types of videos go viral on social media, but some videos are such that people like them a lot. There is either some new information in these videos or this video makes us laugh and tickle. Especially talking about videos related to wild animals, then people have a different level of interest in them. One such video of the unique animal liger is going viral at the moment.

In the video going viral, a very creepy animal is seen, about which information has been given that it is a liger. You must have heard the name of the film Liger till now, but the real Liger (Viral Video Of Real Liger) is visible here. Many people might have heard it only in the title of the film but haven’t seen it, then they must watch this video.

liger is seen in the video
In the video going viral, it can be seen that a man is playing with a big animal. This animal is very heavy and its color is light brown. Its face looks like that of a tiger but its physique looks similar to that of Babbar the lion. The name of this mail animal is liger. The video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an account named Weird and Terrifying. It has got more than 13 lakh views within a few hours of sharing.

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