ये है ‘दुनिया का सबसे खुश इंसान’, दुख को कभी नहीं फटकने देता अपने पास! लोगों को बताया प्रसन्न होने का राज

Whatever a person does in the world, he does it only for the purpose of being happy. Achieving happiness is a big thing for everyone but it is equally difficult to achieve it. Many people think that they will be happy by achieving all the goals in life, many people think that they will be happy by falling in love and many people think that they will be happy by buying expensive cars. But those people also become victims of depression. However, a person has told what is the secret of happiness. The person we are talking about is considered the ‘happiest person alive’ in the world.

Matthieu Ricard was a Buddhist monk who was born in France. He is considered the happiest person in the world. He claims that he is never sad. By the way, this is not just his claim, scientists have also done research on him, through which it has come to know that he does not get sad. According to a report, Mathew was last sad in the year 1991. In the year 2016, the United Nations declared Mathew as the happiest person in the world in its Happiness Index report.

Research has been done on the person
According to the report of the Unilad website, 76-year-old Matthew was researched by neuroscientists of the University of Wisconsin. They fitted 256 sensors on Mathew’s head. It was found that when Richard meditates, his brain produces gamma waves. These gamma waves are associated with attention, learning, and memory. It was also found in the research that the left prefrontal cortex of their brain is more active than the right. From this it came to know that the happy part of the brain is more active. By meditation he has awakened his mind in this way.

told the secret of being happy
Richard also tells people the secret of being happy like themselves. He says that man always thinks about himself. Then he considers the whole world as his enemy and lives in competition with them. He told that if a person has to be happy then he has to stop thinking about himself and start thinking about others. When a person has a sense of love, concern for others and a sense of doing charity, then he will automatically start being happy. Giving a lesson to the people, he said that if people meditate for 15 minutes every day and think about things that give happiness, then they will automatically be filled with happiness. He said that for this a person has to train his mind. He said that people should also start the morning happily.

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