ये है दुनिया का सबसे महंगा सैंडविच, कीमत जानकर मर जाएगी भूख! ऑर्डर देने के 2 दिन बाद ही होता है खाने को नसीब

Be it children or elders, sandwich is a dish that people of all ages like to eat. Roasting vegetables or meat between the bread and then eating the crispy sandwich gives a wonderful experience. Generally, the price of sandwich found on the roadside is so low that even common people can eat it easily. On the other hand, the most expensive sandwiches available in big restaurants etc. are a bit expensive. But a sandwich is found in a city in America which is so expensive that the common man cannot even think of buying it, let alone eating it.

The sandwich we are talking about is the world’s most expensive sandwich. According to the report of the Audity Central news website, the sandwich found in New York’s Serendipity 3 restaurant is the world’s most expensive sandwich. It has received this title from Guinness World Records. Surprisingly, Serendipity 3 restaurant also holds the records for the most expensive dessert, most expensive hamburger, most expensive hot dog and biggest wedding cake.
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very expensive sandwich
The name of the sandwich we are talking about is Quintessential Grilled Cheese Sandwich. The things that fall in it are very expensive and difficult to get. Let us tell you that the price of this sandwich is 17 thousand rupees. It uses two pieces of French Pullman Champagne Bread, made with Dom Perignon Champagne and edible gold flakes. It is spread with white truffle butter and caciocavalo podolico cheese is spread between the bread. All these things are very expensive. It is served on a Baccarat crystal plate with South African Lobster Tomato Bisque Dipping Sauce.

There is luck to eat in 2 days
You must have come to know from the name of these things that how rare they are. This is the reason that if you feel like eating this sandwich, then you have to order it 48 hours in advance i.e. 2 days in advance. Goods are ordered from different places only when someone orders a sandwich to eat. The cheese used in this is specially brought from Italy, which is made from the milk of special species of cows. This cow gives milk only for 2 months in a year and only 25 thousand cows are bred for their milk.

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