ये है दुनिया का सबसे महंगा अंगूर, आधे किलो की कीमत में आ जाएगी एक मोटरसाइकिल! उगाना भी नहीं होता आसान

There are many such fruits in the world which you will like a lot and you will also get them from the market at a nominal price. Angoor (World’s Most Expensive Grape Variety) is also one of those fruits. People eat it with great enthusiasm during summer. There is also a famous saying in Hindi, grapes are sour. That is, if some work is not in someone’s control and instead of his deficiency, he starts telling the work wrong, then it is said that the grapes are sour. But today we are going to tell you about the grapes, it is not in everyone’s capacity to buy it, and knowing its price, you will really say, grapes are sour!

We are talking about the most expensive grapes in the world. According to the report of Audity Central News website, the grape named Ruby Roman is considered to be the most expensive grape in the world. These are grown in the Ishikawa (Ishikawa, Japan) region of Japan. But the story of growing them is quite interesting. In 1995, the farmers here requested the scientists to help them in growing the species of red grapes through research. For the experiment, 400 grape vines were planted, in which only 4 red grapes were produced in the next two years and out of that, only one year yielded the crop according to the wishes of the farmers. After this, for 14 years, scientists did research and changed the size of these grapes and gave them a red color. Since then it came to be known as Ruby Roman. Many people also call it the treasure of Ishikawa. Such a name was chosen by the farmers themselves. This name was selected from more than 300 names.

most expensive grapes in the world

The cost of one grape is thousands of rupees. (Photo: Twitter/@imIftikharUddin)

The cost of one bunch is 73 thousand.
This grape came in the market in the year 2008 and at the same time a bunch of 700 grams was sold for 73 thousand rupees. You can also buy a bike in this amount. But after 8 years, a bunch was sold for Rs 8 lakh, after which there was a sensation. In this context, the cost of just one grape was more than 20 thousand rupees.

Special standards have been set to come in this category
There are several criteria for reaching Ruby Roman grape status based on the appearance and color of the grape. Each grape should be up to 20 grams and the sugar content in it should be up to 18 percent. There is also a premium class of Ruby Roman Grapes which is sold more expensive than the normal ones. In the year 2010, only 4 bunches were able to qualify to become premium.

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