रब ने बना दी जोड़ी! 3 फीट के दूल्हे को मिली 3 फीट की दुल्हन, वायरल हुईं शादी की तस्वीरें

3 Feet Groom Married to 3 Feet Bride: Everyone has a dream about their wedding. According to him, he wants his bride or groom. However, the preferences of some people are also decided according to their physical appearance. For example, a small girl needs a small groom or a small bride needs a tall bride. Something similar happened with a groom from Rajasthan, whose height is only 3 feet. He wanted a bride of the same height for himself and he got it too.

It is said that God makes couples and sends them. You will be fully convinced of this when you will see the wonderful wedding pictures of 3 feet bride with 3 feet groom. The wedding of this unique couple took place in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, whose pictures are currently becoming very viral on social media. Anyone who is watching this couple says that God chooses someone or the other for everyone.

3 feet bride, 3 feet groom
This unique marriage took place in Jodhpur on January 26 this year. Although the marriage was completed in a grand manner like normal marriages, but it did not take long for its pictures to go viral on social media. The 3 feet groom Rishabh appeared on the stage with his equally tall bride. Both are educated. While Rishabh is preparing for the competition, the bride has completed her MBA. When both reached the stage, people welcomed them with applause and whistles and wished them a good future.

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Mini couple became famous on social media
The bride’s name is Sakshi Soni and she got engaged to Rishabh last year itself. Only after this, he created his own account on social media in the name of Mini Couple and started sharing his pictures. People like him a lot and praise his courage. After marriage in Jodhpur, Sakshi has now gone to her in-laws house in Rajsamand. The process of his popularity is still going on because the videos and pictures related to the wedding are being liked a lot.

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