रेपिस्ट से हुआ लड़की को प्यार, 9 महीने के इश्क में यूं पगलाई, जेल में ही जाकर रचा ली शादी!

Woman marries with rapist: Love-love is that emotion, which only sees the heart, it doesn’t matter to which religion-caste or profession the person in front belongs to. That’s why a young girl falls in love with an old man, then a rich man falls in love with a poor man. However, many times love also flourishes in such places, which are generally not considered right. The same happened with a woman when she fell in love with a rapist.

Criminals also especially have hatred for those criminals, who commit heinous crimes like rape. Although some people are of a different type, who do not mind such things. One such British girl fell in love with an American rapist so much that she agreed to forgive all his crimes. After falling in love with the rapist for 9 months, the girl’s intelligence was clouded in such a way that she reached the jail to get married.

girl in love with rapist
According to the report of the Daily Star, a British woman named Gemma fell in love with a prisoner serving a sentence for rape. This criminal named Lionel Vasquez is serving 20 years in prison in Virginia, USA. Gemma was introduced to Lionel by none other than Lionel’s mother, from whom Gemma was learning Spanish. They used to talk to each other through phone calls and e-mails. This series went on for 9 months and then both of them got engaged and they got married on 29 December in jail. This marriage took place in the visiting room of the jail.

Marrying the present, not the past
Gemma says that she is not married to her Lionel’s past, but to his present. Lionel was accused of rape in the year 2011 but she is marrying the person she is today. Gemma and Lionel talk on the phone for 20 minutes every day and Gemma says she feels very excited talking to her husband. Their likes and dislikes and funny nature are the same. Lionel can come out after 4 years and then they will be together.

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