रेस्तरां में ज़ायका उठाना पड़ा भारी, देर तक खाना खाने के चलते देने पड़े 10,000! हैरान कर देगी वजह

Whenever someone eats his favorite food or snacks, he likes to be very relaxed with it, it is a different fun to finish the meal while enjoying the taste of each bite. Along with this, eating comfortably and chewing food is also said to be good for digestion and health. But many times this lesson learned in childhood can cause such damage that you cannot even imagine. A person had to bear the brunt of eating food while sitting in a restaurant and had to pay damages many times more than the cost of the food.

A person suffered a huge loss while sitting in the restaurant for a long time to enjoy the taste. Had to pay a fine more than that for not eating the winning food. It was told that a person sat in the restaurant for a long time, then the parking company imposed a fine of 10,000 on him. Everyone was surprised to hear that.

Rs 10,000 fine for sitting too long in a restaurant
This strange case happened with Shapor Meftah, a resident of Britain, who came to McDonald’s restaurant on New Market Road in Cambridge in his car. But now he is repenting after sitting for a long time. When Shapoor went back home from the restaurant, he was shocked to see the receipt for the fine. In fact, the car parking company of the restaurant where Shapoor was sitting fined him ₹10,000. Because he had parked his car in the parking lot for more than the stipulated time. However, when it came to fines, Shapor claimed to be unaware of any such rule. Still he had to pay the fine. However, according to Mirror’s report, Shapoor has now appealed to UK Parking Control to cancel the fine amount.

Penalty from car parking company

hundred.canva: Vehicles can be parked outside the restaurant only for 90 minutes, fine imposed for crossing the fixed limit

The car had to be parked for more than the stipulated time in the parking lot
Actually the matter is such that 90 minutes time is fixed for parking the car in the car parking outside the restaurant. But the person crossed this limit, so he became eligible for fine. When asked the reason for staying in the restaurant for so long, he told that he actually stayed in the restaurant to wait for his elder brother and during this time he also ordered some food to pass the time. But I didn’t realize when the 90 minutes passed by waiting for my brother and the taste of the food. When the matter started increasing, the UK Parking Control told that the time has been fixed to park the car outside the restaurant, so that the facility can be easily available to everyone, while the person told himself that he was unaware of any such guidelines. After which the company that collected the fine challenged them to appeal.

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