‘लंदन ठुमकदा…’ पर नाचीं नेपाली लड़कियां, वायरल हुआ वीडियो, मिली खूब वाहवाही

Nepali Dance Viral Video: Everyday on the internet you see different types of videos going viral. Some of these videos surprise you either because of their content or talent, while some can make you laugh out loud. However, there are some videos that are liked by the viewers at a glance. At this time, people are liking one such video, in which some girls are seen doing a tremendous dance on a Bollywood number with their group.

In the viral video, a group of some Nepalese girls are dancing on the song ‘London Thumakda…’ from Kangana Ranaut’s film Queen. People are liking this a lot. The song is often seen playing on DJ in marriages, but here some Nepali girls have shown moves in their own style and people are liking their way of dancing. You too must watch this video once.

bang dance of nepali girls
This viral video is being told of a dance group of Nepali girls. In the video, the dance group of girls is seen performing excellent dance moves on the Bollywood song ‘London Thumakda’ from the film Queen. The craze of this song is now being seen not only in the country but also abroad. In the video, 4 girls are seen dancing fiercely in loose-fitting pants, sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers. His performance is also being liked by the people.

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