लड़के को देखते ही प्यार कर बैठी, 3 महीने बाद सामने आई सच्चाई तो उड़े होश; फिर फटाफट किया ब्रेकअप!

When someone is in love, then his flaws are not visible. People go so madly in love. When love is new, then intentionally people think it better to ignore many things or do not pay attention to them. But with the passage of time, when the shocking truth comes to the fore, then there is no way left other than cursing oneself. The same happened with a Tiktoker.

Tiktoker @postpartumpsycho shared such a story related to her love life, which will surprise anyone. The woman did not know the big secret about the boy whom she dated for three months, which was related to her body. But as soon as the truth was known, the girl was so shocked that she started cursing herself for being blind in love.

Couldn’t catch the truth on a date for 3 months
The story is about the time when she was a teenager. This age is too raw to understand many things. So it took Tiktoker 3 months to understand that her lover has only one leg. She didn’t know anything for 3 months, she kept roaming with him. But she was blind in love, so she never doubted. The lover also never allowed anything to be revealed. But when the boyfriend refused to take the girl with him to basketball matches, he also saw her stagger a little at times. Whenever both of them went for a walk together, he always used to wear full pants. That’s why the foot problem was never caught clearly.

only one leg of her lover

Mrs.TikTok/@postpartumpsycho: The girl was shocked to know the truth about her lover’s leg, the boy hid this thing for 3 months

Immediately broke up after knowing the truth
In fact, when the girl had met that boy for the first time, she was infatuated by seeing his tall stature. He was so handsome that he could not see anything else. She was completely drowned in his love. But when the truth came out, she was shocked. Actually the girl got suspicious when she saw a picture with him, she found that picture strange. So showing this photo to friends he asked ‘Can a girlfriend have only one leg’? The question surprised the friends. But the very next moment they started pressurizing the girl to know the answer. After much effort and questioning, finally the lover had to be told that he had polio. Hiding such a big thing from the girlfriend was more shocking than the illness. Which shocked the girl and also broke her heart. Still, it took time for her to break the relationship because she was very much in love with him. But as soon as he got cheated, he understood the goodness in a quick breakup.

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