लाखों में होती है इस मुर्गे की कीमत, ब्यूटी कॉन्टेस्ट में लेता है हिस्सा, नहीं होता है इसमें फैट

Dragon Chicken: On hearing the name of chicken, people get water in their mouth. If the chicken is made delicious, then the pleasure of eating it is something else. There are many species of chicken, which are very costly and people eat with great fervor. We are going to tell you about such a species of chicken, which you might not have eaten till now and its taste is also quite amazing. Its price is also considerable.

In Hanoi, Vietnam, Le Van Hien chooses one of the best among a flock of “dragon chickens.” This is such a breed of chicken, whose legs are as thick as a brick and which can cost up to Rs 162644.30 (US$ 2,000). The legs of Dong Tao Chicken are lumpy. It is named after the religious sect in northern Vietnam where it is considered banned. This is considered very rare. It is especially popular among the wealthy during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

This prized four-kilogram rooster of Hien, whose huge feet make up about a fifth of its body weight. It was sold for approximately US$150. But especially large pedigree chickens have been given more than 10 times its value. Some are even included in beauty contests. Hien told AFP that the bird’s taste is due to its diet of corn and rice and the freedom it has to roam.

Although egg-laying hens are kept in battery cages, which have been banned in some countries around the world. Chickens raised for meat are left free in a small garden. “The more the chickens move, the stronger and bigger their muscles become,” said Hien, who has been breeding chickens for more than 15 years.

The meat of Dong Tao chicken is up to 10 kg. It is prized for its firm and chewy texture and is also low in fat. It is sometimes served boiled, but also fried, stewed or served with lemongrass. A regular customer at Dong Tao explains that the best part of Dong Tao chicken is the skin on their feet. The bigger the legs, the tastier they are.

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