लो जी! आ गई खुशखबरी, अब दबा कर खा सकते हैं चॉकलेट; रिसर्च में हुआ खुलासा- ऐसे नहीं होगा नुकसान!

Healthy Chocolate: Children or elders, most people like to eat chocolate. Often people like to take it after having food. Some people need this throughout the day, especially children. In such a situation, doctors repeatedly explain that it is not right to eat too much chocolate. Health can be spoiled by this. But children are children. How can they be celebrated? In such a situation, there is good news. Scientist has found a way by which chocolate can be made healthy. That means you will be able to eat by pressing and there will be no harm. Let us know what is this method.

Scientists at the UK’s Leeds University felt that people would not give up chocolate because it is one of their favorite things, so why not develop a method that would not stop them from eating chocolate and it would also be healthy. This is where the research started. Researcher Siavash Sultan Ahmadi and his team, associated with the University’s School of Food Science and Nutrition, found that the whole matter is lubrication. Smoothening of chocolate creates that chocolaty taste that fills your mouth completely. In such a way that some special ingredients lying in chocolate dissolve in our saliva. That is, fat is the most important and it also does harm.

find a way to make it healthier
You would think that if there is fat then it will do harm. Yes, and the scientist has found a way to do the same. Researchers claim that they have found a way to make chocolate healthier. Something in such a way that no change will have to be made in its basic quality.

Chocolate made from special ingredients
According to a report by Dietche Vale, chocolate is made of many things. Contains some solids, such as sugar and cocoa particles. and those solids that turn into liquid, such as cocoa butter, which contains fat. Cocoa butter is solid in low temperature, but as soon as it enters the mouth and touches the tongue, it turns into an oily liquid. For the same reason you get a delicate soft feeling in the tongue which feels good.

what did the researchers do
Researchers prepared a dark chocolate by keeping the fat low and made an artificial tongue to test it. Tests with an artificial tongue showed that chocolate with less fat than most chocolates could produce the same taste in the mouth through lubrication. The scientist told that they were not looking for zero-calorie chocolate. Just wanted to reduce the fat part i.e. cocoa butter.

a little less sweet
According to a study published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, low-calorie chocolate is ready. Although it will not be as sweet. The amount of cocoa particles present in it is printed on the wrapper of the chocolate as a percentage, such as 70% or 85%. As we know, the higher the percentage, the darker and more bitter the chocolate. If you are a lover of dark chocolate, then this is good for you.

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