शख्स ने गुस्से में निगला कंडोम चढ़ा केला, 24 घंटे में आंत का हुआ बुरा हाल, पेट फाड़ निकालना पड़ा बाहर

Anger is a big problem for everyone nowadays. People lose their temper even on small matters and end up doing something that not only causes problems to people, but also harms themselves. In America, a man got so angry that he swallowed a banana with a condom on it. He didn’t know it then, but after some time his condition worsened. The situation of intestinal bursting has come. The doctors tore open the stomach and pulled it out. Got relief when I went.

According to the report of the New York Post, it is being described as the first case of its kind in the world. Think the case was such that the doctors did a complete study on it and it was published in the curious magazine. According to the report, the 35-year-old man did not write what made him angry, but the doctors were also surprised to see his condition after swallowing the banana.

Surprised to see even the doctor
After some time he started having severe stomach pain and vomiting. He was unable to eat or drink anything. Even drinking water was becoming difficult for him. Neither urine was being discharged nor was able to defecate for 24 hours. The condition became so bad that the family members carried him and took him to the hospital. When the doctors did a CT scan, they were also shocked. A banana wrapped in a condom was visible near his intestine. It was blocking the way of intestine. Was ready to tear him apart.


could not digest
The doctors decided to do the surgery and after the operation which lasted for about an hour, he was removed. He was discharged from the hospital after three days. The doctors told that the banana was unable to break due to being in the condom. It was becoming difficult for the intestine to digest it. Due to this there was severe pain. Now he doesn’t have any problem. He is able to eat and drink comfortably. At present, the doctors have asked him to eat low fiber foods.

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